“Dawn has redefined the concept of trials and triumph for me.  Through her story, my awareness of humanity has been heightened greatly.” – Michael Tolcher, singer/songwriter/musician |


Facial Shift

Adjusting to an Altered Appearance

Your face, and your life, has been radically altered. Accident, military injury, medical condition…the result is the same. You are now having to confront the world with a “different” face, and understandably this has wrecked your self-image and undermined your confidence, leaving you with a thousand questions and concerns including What should I do when people stare at me? What are my medical options? Wouldn’t it be easier if I just stayed home and didn’t go anywhere? And most significantly, How will this physical change affect current and future relationships? Will anyone ever be able to love me?

Facial Shift answers these questions and more. It is a source of hope, validation and reassurance, as well as a link to a vibrant community of people who can share experiences and tips for dealing with the common challenges associated with navigating the world with a facial difference.

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Friending The Mirror by Dawn Shaw

Friending The Mirror

Changing How You See Your Reflection

Do you love what you see in the mirror every day and just can’t imagine how your reflection can possibly improve? If so, this book isn’t for you. But if you struggle with your relationship with the mirror, you are not alone and this book can help. Do you feel ugly, unhappy and alone? Dawn Shaw can relate. Growing up with half her face nearly paralyzed, Dawn has experienced bullying, insecurity and rejection. When surgeries failed to “fix” her damaged face, the mirror became a painful reminder of her difference. Friending the Mirror will help you overcome your fear and self-doubt so you can find your beauty, as Dawn has been able to do; opting for a productive life full of activity, exploration and opportunity rather than living in isolation and misery. You, too, can enjoy a happier reflection and find beauty through happiness.

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“Friending The Mirror” is currently unavailable as it is undergoing revisions. Look for a 2nd edition including a print version sometime in 2018.

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Facing Up To It 2nd Edition

A Triumphant Memoir by Dawn Shaw

One woman’s transformational journey from craving acceptance to accepting herself.

When Dawn has a fast-growing tumor removed shortly after birth, it not only reshapes the left half of her face, leaving it deconstructed and paralyzed; it reshapes her entire life. Her journey of self-discovery and acceptance involves the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. Teased, mocked and bullied throughout her childhood and tortured by a co-dependent relationship as a young adult, Dawn’s story is familiar to many, yet she faced it all with a severe facial difference and years of painful reconstructive surgeries. Looking at Dawn, it’s easy to imagine a life of isolation and despair, but in this triumphant memoir, she chronicles her journey through self-acceptance, finding love, and wholeness. The message is clear: if she could face up to the cards she was dealt, anyone can.

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Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul: Timeless Treasures to Warm the Heart

Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul is an anthology featuring over 100 stories including one contributed by Dawn.

Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul is a collaboration of stories from 104 writers who have released their legacy. Dawn’s contribution, titled “The Best Icelandic Horse Ever,” is a story of love, loss and hope, conveying a taste of what it’s like to grow up looking “different” as well as the reasons she came to love Icelandic horses. Unwrap this and other stories as you allow these authors to take you into the lives of women who have truly made an impact on the world through their stories.

“Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul intrigued me and opened my eyes to stories of courage and survival. So many stories in one nicely laid out book.”
– Sybil Manning (Baltimore)

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 Book Reviews – Facial Shift

“Dawn Shaw has produced another powerful guide for people with unusual-looking faces full of well-told anecdotes about her experience and other role models and much persuasive and valuable advice that is both empathetic and encouraging to positive thinking and living.” –James Partridge, CEO Changing Faces

In Facial Shift, author Dawn Shaw offers a variety of practical, honest and comprehensive strategies and observations which are so reassuring for those who may be stuck in a quagmire of emotional barriers. Her writing is brilliantly insightful; her kind and truthful demeanor is refreshing; and her guidance is both encouraging and empowering.” –Anna Pileggi, Executive Director, AboutFace


Book Reviews – Friending the Mirror

“It’s very easy to feel alone in this world, especially when you’re going through some sort of adversity. Dawn’s story allows others going through adversity to understand they’re not alone and teaches them how they can live a productive life if the decision is made to accept one’s situation. Too often we try to be normal. Dawn’s story teaches us that normal is simply accepting and loving yourself.”JR Martinez, Actor/Author/Speaker/Wounded Warrior,

“Dear Dawn. I thought I’d drop you a quick line and tell about this fantastic book I just read. It’s titled, “Friending the Mirror.” It is a great read that will help many people young and old. Great job on an extremely well written book!” -Mark Elzey

“Ms. Shaw is a natural teacher. A turning point is this passage: “If the mirror can show us at our worst, it can also show us at our best. You can change what the mirror shows you and I can help.” And then, step by simple step she does.” -Patricia Ryan

“This book has made me examine my own life and decide to take steps to improve certain aspects of it that I previously thought I was content with. Dawn’s personal stories, beautifully intertwined with words of encouragement, empower the reader to take control of their life and see their true reflection.” -Emily Rivers, Manager, Communications and Database at AboutFace,

“Friending the Mirror offers both a very real and honest yet positive and comforting way of dealing with one of society’s biggest conflicts: outer beauty. This is a wonderful read about one person’s brave confrontation with something we all deal with on different levels. I think everyone could take something positive away from this book.”Suzanna Choffel, Singer/Songwriter,

“Dawn Shaw has given us a simple yet elegant work to help us to help ourselves. There is no ” woulda, coulda, shoulda” lamenting, just some beautiful ways to really see what we are looking at or doing or accepting. I will definitely be recommending this book to my own community and know that it will be a stepping stone for many to find the beauty in life that awaits them when they begin to see themselves as complete and deserving of good.” -Indrani Goradia, Founder, Indrani’s Light Foundation,

“If you or someone you care about is struggling with body image or self-worth issues, “Friending the Mirror” is a must read. Author Dawn Shaw is a person of deep beauty, inspiration, and wisdom who provides the reader with a roadmap to acceptance, growth, and transformation so they can live a life filled with love and passion.” -Michael Bloom, MA, MS, CPC, Caregiving Without Regret™ Expert, Bloom Coaching and Performance LLC,

“Friending the Mirror sums up a lifetime’s experience of dealing with facial difference, but actually it is totally universal in scope. It is really about what it means to be human and to deal with your human frailties while building strength. If you are human, I recommend this book to you. Thank you, Dawn Shaw, for passing on the life lessons you have learned and for doing so in a way that is minimally preachy, maximally heartful, and respectful of individual circumstances and choices.”David Roche, Performer, author, storyteller, social innovator,

“The biggest benefit you will get from reading Dawn’s work is the realization that self-worth, confidence, and ultimate happiness are within your control. The results include a more rewarding career, stronger relationships, and an overall improvement in balance in your life. Dawn is an excellent writer because it comes from her heart and it’s genuine. You will be able to relate to her story and make improvements to your life, and ultimately write a better story for yourself.” -Dan Weedin, Consultant/Speaker/Author,

“This book is truly a little gem. So much wisdom is hidden in such an easy read. I found myself re-reading paragraphs, sucking in the wonderful, motivating advice. Dawn had the unique ability to deliver her counsel in ways that, while you may have realized a particular bit of info or had it presented to you before, will hit just the right spot in your critical thinking that will make you go wow.” -Stephen Goupil

“Sure, the information in this e-book might be found in numerous other publications, however Ms. Shaw distills what could easily be a shelf-full of self-help books into a condensed presentation. It is easy to read with step-by-step, guided action items. Her real life examples are engaging, and the exercises can be applied to various aspects of life such as career or relationships.” -Jean Brugger


Book Reviews – Facing Up to It

“This book is a must read for anyone who is looking to free themselves to live a life of forgiveness and relationship building. I found this book an easy read, very insightful and the author is frank, candid and even funny. I applaud her commitment to writing and sharing her journey of self-discovery.” – Michele Roberts

“The story follows the author’s lifelong journey to find acceptance and peace despite a congenital tumor which altered the symmetry of her face. Her reactions to bullying, discrimination, and the disappointments of multiple surgeries meant to provide her a more ‘normal’ outward appearance are both human (sadness, hurt, anger, rejection) and courageous (‘nothing can stop me’). Dawn’s ability to turn her social handicap around and move forward to an accomplished life filled with loving relationships after so much pain is inspiring and brave. There is a huge dose of perspective in this book for the reader.” – Private review

“You have shown a great deal of courage in writing down your story and we admire your openness. It will be inspiring for people to read how you handled the bullying and discrimination you encountered. You are one very determined woman who hasn’t let anything stop you or hold you back from finding love or following through with your passions. Overall it’s an impressive book that helps show that people living with a facial disfigurement do lead normal lives.” – Changing Faces, United Kingdom |

“Congrats on a great book! I am amazed at how much of yourself you are willing to share. It was so open and honest. I think your message is an important one, and so relevant to the world we live in. Your story is very unique, but the themes are universal and current.” – Eric Donnelly, songwriter/musician, The Alternate Routes |

“This book was hard to put down. I started reading it and found myself immersed. I read the whole book in one night. Well written and a pleasure to read. With a positive attitude can overcome anything, what adversity in life we face, just serves to makes us stronger. This woman proves that point.” – Carol Townsend

“Started reading your book this morning. I find myself wishing it was the weekend so I didn’t have to put it down. It is wonderfully written. I can see myself staying up all night tonight to finish it.” – Syndi Duehn

“Wonderfully & honestly written…worth the read! Sometimes painful & heart wrenching but it was a pleasure to share in the author’s challenges & successes.” – Lynda Chouinard

“Dawn’s story is a compelling one. She grabs us with descriptive and raw emotion as she recounts the pain of her surgeries and the bullying she endured from a very young age. I applaud Dawn’s courage in telling her story. I have no doubt this book has been an integral part on her journey of healing and self-acceptance.” – Molly Deardorff

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